Field door

Wooden exterior door frames are made in three layers of laminated, wooden structure. Door outer layers of moisture-resistant panel doors and interior filled with polystyrene foam that provides good thermal doors and sound insulation properties. The three layers of laminated wood frame construction and moisture-resistant board does not allow the door "walk", become distorted. Outside the door thickness 60 mm. Mounted in the intermediate leaf and frames ensure a perfect seal.

15 years of experience in this field has provided a wealth of knowledge production of doors, and doors we offer an attractive, user friendly, high quality and durable.

The wooden exterior doors mount locks, handles, hinges, and the customer's request and put the glass envelope. Doors, frames, rims based on your chosen paint color outdoor resistant paint. Outside doors have a wide range of locks, hinges, glass, handles the selection.

Wooden exterior doors much better than armored doors because they do not let any moisture, cold, and resistant to changes in temperature differences, as well as a stronger and durable.