Shingle roofs

Chip roofs are the long-tested and reliable green roof coating plastically merging into our Lithuanian landscape.

This is a place of rest: baths, stands, restored farmsteads coating. Chips were widespread only after World War I.

Chips roofs replaced thatch roofs, as they were long-lived and not as quickly ignite. Chips were mostly carved from the aspen, because with time during drying, it is becoming stronger. High-quality sealed roof served for 30 years.


The wooden roof is lightweight, so they do not need the complex and heavy roof structures. Moreover, they are resistant to winter cold, ice, summer heat and strong winds of autumn. They perfectly isolate the sound, especially when there is a strong wind blowing or heavy rain pouring. Wooden roofs, as the construction of natural materials, are well in line with the summerhouse borders.

Chips are carved straight from the aspen. Dry and branched tree is inappropriate for carving chips. Aspen chips are the most resistant to atmospheric effects - solar radiation or humidity. So that the chips work even longer, they are impregnated with the various antiseptics.

We offer you aspen chips of 50, 70 cm length, 7-15 cm width and 4-6 mm thickness.